Professional Non Technical Program

Duration : 12 Months

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the potential of blockchain and hone practical skills that set you apart in today’s evolving world. 

What Sets us Apart

New to Web3
No coding background
Aspiring for Remarkable Growth
Prefers interactive learning
Desires practical experience
Prepare for Success

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Program Eligibility

Exclusively designed for college graduates and professionals who are eager to delve deeply into the realms of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

12 Months Educity Non Technical Program

27K+ Students Enrolled



Overview of Educity Programs

Course Schedule

  • Intensive sessions covering foundational concepts in blockchain and Web3 technologies, business applications, and market potential.
  • Hands-on internal projects focusing on blockchain applications in various industries.
  • Continued learning sessions to deepen understanding of business models and strategic implications.
  • Practical experience through internships with industry partners.
  • Focus on real-world applications and projects in blockchain, emphasizing business strategy and market analysis.
  • Exploration of advanced business concepts and strategic applications.
  • Integration of blockchain technology with business operations, finance, and supply chain management.
  • Development of business models, marketing strategies, and operational plans.
  • Implementation of learned concepts in real-world scenarios and business projects.
  • Analysis of case studies and industry-specific applications.
  • Showcase of project outcomes and lessons learned.
  • Deep dive into specialized topics such as DeFi, NFTs, and regulatory aspects.
  • Exploration of emerging trends in blockchain and Web3 space from a business perspective.
  • Final project integrating all learned concepts and skills.
  • Presentation to a panel of experts for assessment and feedback.

Additional Activities

PAP and EMI Eligibility for 12 Months Educity Program:

PAP Eligibility

Step into your future with our innovative Pay After Placement (PAP) program. To qualify, candidates must successfully navigate the Educity Eligibility Test (EET). This comprehensive assessment evaluates your readiness and suitability for our esteemed 12-month Educity program.

EMI Options

Achieve your educational goals with ease through our flexible EMI plans, exclusively available to specific candidates qualifying under the EET criteria. This ensures that financing your education is both accessible and manageable, empowering you to focus on your learning journey.

Beyond Academics

Additional Activities Throughout the Program 

Convocation Day

Celebration of program completion.

Placement Drives

Organized sessions to connect students with potential employers.

Webinars and Workshops

Regular sessions with industry experts on relevant topics.

Networking Events

Opportunities to network with peers and professionals.

Attain Recognition with the Certificate of Course Completion

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate—an impactful addition to your LinkedIn profile that can capture the interest of our hiring partners and prominent big data companies.


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